18 November 2011

Little Orphan Mylie

I love her tousled hair, her sweet dimples, her bright eyes, and her crazy personality.  We weren't out to take pictures for my little lady, we were actually out snapping photos for a friend (see below).  But her desire for attention won me some willingness to pose and some darn cute smiles if I do say so myself! 

A Few More

A few more of the Reyes'.  Gabee's session was cut short so we went out to take a few more--specifically of her little guy.  Isn't he adorable?!

15 November 2011

We Have a WINNER!

Thanks for all who participated in my first contest.  The winner is...my MOM!  =)  Just kidding.  My mom is probably my biggest fan, and always comments on my pictures. Let me tell you how I got the winner.  I numbered  your comments, 1-8, including my mom's, just for fun.  Then I had my husband draw a number.  And of course he drew number 3, which was indeed my mom.  So I redrew and there in my hands was the winner--number 5.  AILEEN WONG, you are the winner!  This is what she said, "It's what makes it yours. The composition is always wonderful, but the editing adds your signature."  I loved all your comments and seriously wanted all of you to win!  =)  Thanks again...stay tuned for more contests in the future!

12 November 2011

Reyes Family {Rancho Cucamonga Family Photographer}

I've fallen in love with the location, and what makes it even better is beautiful families like this one!  Thanks for letting me take your family pictures Gabee!  And by the way, Gabee has the most amazing hair of anyone I've ever known.  Long, silky, dark, thick and gorgeous!

I was a little concerned about the lighting this evening.  Dark clouds, cold.  But the sun shone perfectly, peeked out from the clouds and created the warmest lighting.  It was absolutely beautiful, and the sky in the pictures looks amazing to me.

To start off, these first 2 pictures ended up being my favorites.  I know they're pretty much the same, but seriously, which one is better?  I can't decide.  They both have something unique about them.  They even look amazing in black and white.  I want to hear when you think.  Comments are welcome.


07 November 2011

Why do I Edit? {Contest}

My friend came over today (pictured in this photo), and asked, "Why do you edit these?  They look great!"  So why DO I edit?  I'm not looking for a correct answer here, but I'm looking for a creative answer! 

So...answer this question in the comment section:

Why do I edit?

To win, give me a creative answer.  In one week I will choose a few of my favorites then randomly select a winner.  The winner gets $50 off their next session with me!  Out of state?  I'll honor your victory next time I see you...

SOOC (Straight out of camera)

06 November 2011

DeDe and Perry {Upland Wedding Photographer}

This day was absolutely lovely.  DeDe was so calm and collected, and isn't she a gorgeous bride?  Perry made me laugh all day.  What a personality!  We had so much fun and I was so lucky to be able to capture their wedding day.
Isn't this location amazing?  Let me know if you are interested...it's in Upland, California. 
Cutest Daddy-Daughter dance ever!

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