07 November 2011

Why do I Edit? {Contest}

My friend came over today (pictured in this photo), and asked, "Why do you edit these?  They look great!"  So why DO I edit?  I'm not looking for a correct answer here, but I'm looking for a creative answer! 

So...answer this question in the comment section:

Why do I edit?

To win, give me a creative answer.  In one week I will choose a few of my favorites then randomly select a winner.  The winner gets $50 off their next session with me!  Out of state?  I'll honor your victory next time I see you...

SOOC (Straight out of camera)


  1. To make the colors brighter and the whites whiter! (and so that there isn't anything distracting from the gorgeous people in the photo!)

  2. This isn't really an answer to your question but I love how you took out the light poles and houses. It looks more natural, like they're out in a field in the middle of nowhere. It's much better edited!

  3. To enhance it & make it look it the way you envisioned it; giving it your own touch.

  4. It's what makes it yours. The composition is always wonderful, but the editing adds your signature.

  5. If editing a picture enhances it and makes it look crisp and clean and 100 times better, than why would you not? A camera's eye doesn't see the same way our eyes do so you edit to bring the picture closer to what you saw and invisioned for the shot. In this case, the lamp and buildings were a minor distraction from the focus of the picture. So by removing them your eye is drawn to the subjects.

  6. To make what already looks great, look even greater! Sometimes the natural color looks great, but when you put that through glass from a lens it distorts the color, so you have to edit to give the natural light and colors back!

  7. So the subjects look a little more crisp and clean. Also when you're taking pictures of those cute little faces their eyes pop that much more!


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