14 January 2012

Let's Tie the Knot Honey!

Aren't these two a perfect pair?  They are so cute together and oh so in love.  I can't describe how fun the dancing at the reception was.  I swear I was meant to be Hispanic.  Once that Latin music started I was wanting to shake my hips too!  (Don't worry, I didn't.)  But I loved how everyone got dancing--old and young!


  1. Great job Ang!! So many fun poses

  2. Beautiful awesome shots! I am sure they love them. I like the fun shots with the bridal party

  3. Every time I see your work, I think, "She just couldn't get any better," but you always do. You are amazing. The pictures are gorgeous!

  4. These turned out so well! They are all so beautiful! Good job---you are amazing! Gorgeous couple, too. I love these!


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