25 February 2012


It hasn't been too busy lately, so I've been having editing withdrawals.  Took a few pics of my kids and tried out a new color curves adjustment that I am LOVING, and this is what came of it!  I know it's not my signature style, but it's a fun one!
My grandmother sent this adorable hula skirt, top and accessories for Mylie that she got when she was just recently in Hawaii on vacation!  She bought me the same thing when I was about Mylie's age, and took a picture of me doing the same dance with my tongue sticking out.  As soon as I figure out my scanner I will post that picture to compare the two.  So cute!
This picture makes me smile BIG!  Only a mother can love her baby's cry face!
I can't get over how cute my little guy is.  I totally love this shirt on him, and his hair KILLS me!  Unfortunately I chopped his hair off.  I have an addiction of cutting his hair.  I'm always trying to make it even all over.  Well last time I cut, I went MAJORLY overboard, and now I can't style it like this.  Good thing his hair grows quickly, I can't wait to do this again!  And next time I will take him to a professional to cut his hair.  =)

12 February 2012

All Mine

These are mine.  Number 3 is on the way and I'm wondering how I'll handle 3 kids, 4 and under???
It is SO hard to photograph my own kids!  Other people's kids seem to be so much more cooperative!  My little lady was not cooperative with her individual pics (thus I have nothing to show of just her) but my little guy was great!  Love this two little monkeys!

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