11 July 2012

Win and iPad 2 with Angie Whitaker Phtography

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09 July 2012

A Family Gathering

If I had one word to describe this family it would be PERSONALITY baby!  They were so much fun, and I absolutely adored each and every one.  The location was found and chosen by this family and it couldn't have been better!  I'd love to keep going back and shooting there, there were so many possibilities!  Some of the people photographed are from California, but some are from Utah, and one family drove for FOUR long days to get here from Michigan.  Did I mention they have FIVE children?  What a challenge, I'm impressed they survived!  Oh, AND they got in the day we did the photos.  Pretty amazing that the family was so fantastic after all that traveling!

A Visit from my Family

I was lucky enough to have my parents and my littlest sister come visit me for 5 days.  We had so much fun!  We ate out, got massages, got eyelash extensions, went to Sea World, went swimming, talked, laughed and really enjoyed our time together.  I miss them dearly and was really glad I was able to take some beautiful pictures of ones I love so much!  I have to wait until OCTOBER to see my mom again though.  That's when she'll come to help out with my 2 kiddos when I deliver my third!  It's so hard living so far from my family!

06 July 2012

Proud Parents-to-be

I'm so excited for Victoria and Eric to deliver there first-born, a little guy.  They've already chosen a name and are anxiously awaiting his entrance into this world!  He is also the first grandchild, so all the family is really excited about this special boy.
I absolutely adored this sweet couple.  They were so personable and friendly--really easy to photograph.  And not to mention they are dang good looking!  Enjoy!

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