22 December 2012


This family's photos were actually taken a few months ago.  Mom and Dad had SIX boys, NO girls!  That must have been a very energetic household, and the house must be empty of ALL breakables.   Becky, the MAIN Mama here, asked me not to post them until she got her Christmas cards out!  She is also a photographer so it was quite intimidating! It's like a hair stylist asking another hair stylist to do her hair, or a tatoo artist tatooing another tatoo artist's body.  It's even like a teacher teaching in front of another teacher--which I also know is very intimidating because I used to be a teacher, and I had to do that A LOT!  Ha ha!  Anyway, they were very kind to me, helpful carrying all my stuff, (as I was fairly pregnant at the time), funny and just plain happy.  Love me a happy family.  Thanks guys, I love your energy and your cute faces!  =)

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