23 May 2013

Addictions, Chores and Disneyland

WE are addicted to media.  TV, smart phones, iPads, computers.  It's all arounds us, all the time, and it I'm pretty sure it's not all that healthy!  (Except for the fact that my barely 2-year old knows his shapes, colors, how to count, and can identify all the letters of the alphabet.  Thanks iPad apps!  Hey maybe it isn't so bad after all!)

I knew once summer hit I would get even more lazy about allowing my kids to dwindle their day away on these devices.  That's when I came up with a daily, summer, chore chart:

1.  Play with your toys
2.  Play outside
3.  Educational computer games (20 min)
4.  Kindergarten workbook page
5.  Read 3 books with Mom
6.  Mommy's choice (real chore)
7.  Exercise
8.  Rest

I'm thinking I wish this was my daily chore list!  (Especially number 8).

When I introduced summer chores to Mylie, I got a grumpy face with arms folded kind of reaction.  Epic.  Totally how I would have responded!  As I verbally listed off her summer chores, the grumps went away, the smiles made their appearance and she was chiming in after every chore:  "EASY!"  I tried my best not to giggle.

We promised that if she did her chores every day all summer long, we would take her to Disneyland in the fall.  Don't worry that we took her only 2 weeks later.  Ha!  We couldn't resist the urge to buy season passes.  We caved.  Big time.  And that's not a cheap cave I tell ya!

Surprising your children with something as awesome as Disneyland feels sooo good!  Here are Mylie and Michael (and my cute hubby) on the bus, ready to hit the rides!

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