10 May 2013

Redlands Temple Wedding: Alysa+Josh

Missionary Boy Falls in Love with a Pretty, Hot Blondie: It's true. Josh served a mission for his church In California and saw this beauty in the congregation he was assigned to. He told a buddy that he wanted to marry her, who responded that she was way out of his league. Ha ha! Upon finishing his mission, he returned home to Minnesota where he told his mom all about this amazing girl in California that he wanted to marry. Soon after, he attended Brigham Young University and found that Alysa Pendleton was in one of his classes. They joined the same study group, hung out a bit, and soon he revealed his undying love for her. She was apparently surprised, she was clueless that he had any interest at all. As soon as she got used to the idea that they weren't JUST friends, it was history! One of my favorite parts of the day was when Alysa was upstairs getting ready. She saw Josh pull up in the driveway and exclaimed to all the girls present, "Oh Josh!!! He looks so handsome!" She was so giddy and you could tell how in love they were the whole day. What a sweet couple, they were so grateful to me for taking their photos, but I was so grateful to them for choosing me as their photographer. Thanks for a wonderful day! You two are a match made in heaven!

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