29 June 2013

Newport Beach Temple Wedding: Kelly+Chris

If you missed Kelly and Chris's story, refer to this and this to get caught up!  

After what felt like years of searching for each other, Kelly and Chris with Kelly's daughter Mariah and Chris's son and daughter Michael and Emma, were FINALLY united for good!  Kelly and Chris were sealed (or married) in the Newport Beach Temple in Newport Beach, CA. They are an insanely sweet couple and family.  I overheard Mariah, as she was cuddling her new father, quietly whisper, "Daddy, Dad."  The words, of course, were not profound, but heartfelt, sweet and moving.  The kids were also talking about how they were really siblings now, which was so tender.  You can tell they love each other, love their parents, and are excited for the new life they have as a combined family.  This day was sweltering, but I wouldn't change the dynamics of it for anything! 

27 June 2013

Smiley Public Library and the University of Redlands Wedding Bridals: Kelly+Chris

I've said it before, and I'll say it again.  Kelly and Chris are SO MUCH FUN!  I seriously feel like Kelly has had modeling lessons because I hardly have to direct her, she's such a natural!  Her energy and love for life totally rubs off on Chris--he is so happy and confident in her presence!  They are so in love and can't wait for their wedding day--which is in 2 short days--so they can be together  permanently with their sweet children (who will be included in several pictures to come after Saturday!!!)
If you haven't been to A.K. Smiley Public Library in Redlands you should go!  It's a beautiful old red brick building with archways, beautiful windows, a courtyard, fountain, stairs and more details.  We headed to the University of Redlands afterward and you can't go wrong there!  It's historic buildings are a sight to see, stairs, ivy, enormous trees, green foliage...ahhh I can't wait to go back and do more exploring.

09 June 2013

Prospect Park Family Photos: Kerschen Family

For Christmas, Sara and her family received a gift card from her parents to get family photos done by yours truly!  Six months later and we FINALLY got to meet and photograph her family!  Sara and John are such a great couple!  They adopted sweet Anthony when he was 6 years old, then found out later that they had conceived they day after they took Anthony in to their home!  Oh my goodness, I hear stories like this all the time and they are TRUE!  When Sara was telling me the story about adopting sweet Anthony, my heart melted.  He was in foster homes, and to finally become part of a family who adores and loves him must be the most wonderful feeling in the world.  I can tell they are the BEST parents who truly gave Anthony the best possible life.  I adore them for their courage and unconditional love in the process. What a blessing to all of them!  I couldn't believe how great 2 1/2 year old Lexi was.  She was so easy to please and happily smiled at the camera.  When we parted ways, Sara text me and told me that Lexi had just said, "I miss my friend Angie."  Oh my gosh how cute is that!  And little 1 year old Hunter was so great too!  He wanted to explore a lot, but he was also good enough to get some photos taken before he  stopped cooperating.  I adore this family and hope I get to photograph them again in the future!

06 June 2013

Fiesta Wedding 2006 Baby!

One of the first questions people asked me when I told them I was engaged was, "What are your wedding colors?"  I gather that was a very important question in 2006!  ;)  My answer?  RED and ORANGE.  I always hesitated telling them because of the reaction I got.  "Oh, wow!" and "Oh that will be nice!"  Or I just got a fake smile and a "Congratulations!"

I told mom my wedding colors.  She has ALWAYS been supportive of my decisions.  (This is not a sarcastic statement, totally true!)  So of course, she was a support!  But I think she and my grandma got to chatting about this genius idea.  So quite often my grandmother would say things like, "What about adding yellow or another color?"  Or, "Don't you think it would be lovely to add yellow and pink?" etc.  But nope, I stuck to my guns.  I wanted RED and ORANGE ONLY.  I had vision.  I had ideas.  I had plans for the wedding of my dreams!

This ever important question guided me to revealing more about my wedding day.  I was going to have a Mexican Fiesta.  That's right.  White girl marrying white boy MEXICAN fiesta.  When I first told Richie (my hubby now), he laughed out loud and and stated that this type of reception did not make any sense.  Perhaps it would if one of us was MEXICAN.  But two blue-eyed blondies were far from that.  We fought over this for months.  He argued that we might as well have an Asian wedding instead and bring in Chinese acrobats!  MY plans for my wedding day were to bring in a mariachi band, taquitos, churros, virgin margaritas, chips and salsa, pinatas and hot tamales!  NOBODY was going to ruin my plan!  I stuck to my guns.  I wanted a MEXICAN FIESTA!  I had vision.  I had ideas!  I had plans for the wedding of my dreams!

I got my way.

I LOVED my wedding.  And, may I add, so did everyone else!  I even had people copy my wedding because they thought it was freaking amazing and had so much fun! ;)

Now that I am a photographer, I wish so bad that my photographer had captured more of the details of my wedding.  I took pride in what was created with the help of so many family members and friends!  My reception was a dream come true in the exact location I wanted it.  It was in my Grandparent's backyard, and people even thought the colors came together well.  Maybe on our 50th wedding anniversary we can recreate our wedding...here's to hoping!

Photo credit to Lou Crandall of Lou Crandall Photography.

Engaged and HAPPY!  (Dang my hair was yellow!)
The building we had our "ceremony" in.  The Manti Temple.
This was my favorite photo of us.
A wedding on a budget...a sweet lady at TARGET made my cake and I absolutely adored it!  I even sent her a thank you card.  My sweet sister in law did my flower arrangements.  These flowers were so popular at the time.  The gerbera daisies.  Anyone else have those flowers at their wedding?
I may have been the only one who loved the salt on the rim of the margaritas...
I loooooooved the mariachi music!  It gave my wedding such a party feel!

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