29 June 2013

Newport Beach Temple Wedding: Kelly+Chris

If you missed Kelly and Chris's story, refer to this and this to get caught up!  

After what felt like years of searching for each other, Kelly and Chris with Kelly's daughter Mariah and Chris's son and daughter Michael and Emma, were FINALLY united for good!  Kelly and Chris were sealed (or married) in the Newport Beach Temple in Newport Beach, CA. They are an insanely sweet couple and family.  I overheard Mariah, as she was cuddling her new father, quietly whisper, "Daddy, Dad."  The words, of course, were not profound, but heartfelt, sweet and moving.  The kids were also talking about how they were really siblings now, which was so tender.  You can tell they love each other, love their parents, and are excited for the new life they have as a combined family.  This day was sweltering, but I wouldn't change the dynamics of it for anything! 

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