09 June 2013

Prospect Park Family Photos: Kerschen Family

For Christmas, Sara and her family received a gift card from her parents to get family photos done by yours truly!  Six months later and we FINALLY got to meet and photograph her family!  Sara and John are such a great couple!  They adopted sweet Anthony when he was 6 years old, then found out later that they had conceived they day after they took Anthony in to their home!  Oh my goodness, I hear stories like this all the time and they are TRUE!  When Sara was telling me the story about adopting sweet Anthony, my heart melted.  He was in foster homes, and to finally become part of a family who adores and loves him must be the most wonderful feeling in the world.  I can tell they are the BEST parents who truly gave Anthony the best possible life.  I adore them for their courage and unconditional love in the process. What a blessing to all of them!  I couldn't believe how great 2 1/2 year old Lexi was.  She was so easy to please and happily smiled at the camera.  When we parted ways, Sara text me and told me that Lexi had just said, "I miss my friend Angie."  Oh my gosh how cute is that!  And little 1 year old Hunter was so great too!  He wanted to explore a lot, but he was also good enough to get some photos taken before he  stopped cooperating.  I adore this family and hope I get to photograph them again in the future!

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