04 June 2013

Puddingstone Resort - Los Angeles Temple Wedding: McCall+Zach

McCall and Zach are a couple that live life to it's fullest and have FUN in the process of it all.  I'm surprised Fun isn't their last name!  At their reception, they planned the CUTEST first dance together.  I looked around at everyone else's faces during their dance and saw nothing but smiles.  And to make it even more exciting, they planned a "flash mob" dance that they started, then family members and wedding party joined them in.  There was so much laughter and grins, I couldn't contain mine either!  I didn't want the flash mob to end, they were all so adorable!  I watched McCall and Zach throughout the  night and it was easy to see how much they adored each other.  Zach's mother told me that McCall was writing about her crush, Zach, in her journal since MIDDLE SCHOOL!  During their wedding dinner the night before, they displayed pages from her journal talking about him.  (I wish I could have been there to read those sweet entries!)  McCall didn't marry her high school sweetheart, she married her middle school sweetheart.  Loved these two!

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