27 July 2013

Los Angeles Temple Wedding: Callie+Dennis

One evening Dennis' father convinced him to go to a church function with him that he didn't really wish to attend that evening.  A few miles away, Callie's friends also coerced her in to going to that same event that she was rather wishy washy about going to!  As Callie walked in, she and Dennis exchanged smiles and Callie walked right on by.  Dennis' dad, seeing the look on his son's face upon exchanging smiles with Callie said something like, "If you don't go to her now, you will never see her again!"  Dennis agreed and spent the rest of the evening looking for Callie!  Sadly, he had no luck.

Strangely enough though, they had some common friends on FaceBook.  Dennis searched and found her and they became "friends."  They hung out together with their group of friends a few times but Callie was convinced he liked one of her friends.  Dennis quickly proved her wrong by asking her out on some dates, and the rest was HISTORY!

These two are so happy together!  Callie can't stop smiling in Dennis' presence, and Dennis can't take his eyes off her!  I was so lucky I got to spend a few hours capturing their happiness together at the Los Angeles LDS Temple that they got married in.  The day was overcast and cool for July, they were so lucky it wasn't 100 degrees!  (And so was I!)  :)

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