31 August 2013

Rancho Cucamonga Heritage Park Family Photos: Twins

I met Kristy and her cute family earlier this year when we did 6 month shots of her sweet little twins, Brynn and Paige.  (You can see those photos HERE.)  Six months later I hadn't realized how big they had gotten until I viewed their previous photos!  They weren't sitting up quite yet at the last session, and now they are walking and practically running!  Now they are ONE and cuter than ever!  I think they have about the same amount of hair--but that doesn't matter, their faces are so cute they don't even need it!  Like ever!  ;)

In case you are wondering, yes, they are identical.  I can see how they look different, but it's pretty hard to tell. Especially since they are dressed the same as well.

I loved that Kristy and Kenny thought to bring the little rocking chair along.  It was Kenny's when he was a little guy.  They say that Paige and Brynn LOVE that thing and play on it all day!  Too bad they don't have twin rockers!

30 August 2013

Just Learn to Like Cats!

“WHY would you want to do THAT?!”  is the question I remember asking my friends in Junior High as they explained what cross country was, and attempted to get me to join the team with them.  Previously I had NO idea what that even was!  So yes, after a short explanation, wide-eyed and flabbergasted I asked, “WHY would you want to do THAT?!”   Running is the worst!  

Several of my high school friends continued running and did so with the cross country and track teams.  My current friends run 3K’s, 5K’s, marathons, mud runs, Iron Man’s, Triathlons and Ragnars--and I’m sure the list goes on.  This is a world of runners!  It’s such a popular thing, and though I would like to jump on that bandwagon, I still find myself asking, “WHY would you want to do THAT?”  

Then two days ago I had an epiphany.

My mind took me back to the Disney Classic, Cinderella.  In my mind I saw and heard the scene where Cinderella goes outside to feed the chickens.  As she is doing so, Bruno, her dog, is lying on the floor sleeping, having a terribly exciting dream!  Upon waking, Cinderella says to Bruno, “Dreaming again?  Chasing Lucifer?  Catch him this time?  That’s bad....So if you don’t want to lose that nice, warm bed, you’d better get rid of those dreams.  Know how?  Just learn to like cats!”

I laughed out loud.  Know why?  Because Cinderella was actually speaking to ME.  (In a round-about way).

After marriage and child-bearing, women commonly gain weight.  (Myself included!)  I have had several friends in this category, then out of the blue one day, I will notice they’ve lost ALL this weight and look incredible!  I always ask, “How did you do it?  You look awesome!”  And ninety-nine percent of the time, the answer is “I started running!”  See where I am going with this?  

I pictured Cinderella having a similar conversation with ME:

“Angie, would you like to get rid of that excess fat on your body?”
“Why yes Cinderella, I would!”
“Know how?  Just learn to like running!”

That realization possibly ruined my day.  ;)  But maybe it will change my life!  Day three of the running experience happened today.  It kind of sucked.  But it was also fun because I was with friends.  And if you gotta run, you mind as well have fun doing it with the people around you!  

Here’s to liking cats!  Wish me luck!

27 August 2013

Redlands Smiley Public Library Wedding Bridals: Rachel + AJ

I met Rachel and AJ for the pre-wedding bridals.  We decided to do this because our time on their wedding day was going to be very limited!  We wanted to make sure we got LOTS of beautiful photos of them!  (Which of course we DID!)  I met AJ before Rachel so they could do a first look.  Rachel was running a few minutes behind so I had the chance to chat with AJ while we waited.  AJ is incredibly friendly!  He is a natural conversationist and makes people feel at ease.

Once Rachel arrived I went to meet her.  She was stunning.  If I were to get married again I may try to morph in to her so I could be that beautiful.  ;)  Spending time with these two made me think about my own man and how lucky I am to be married to such a wonderful guy.  Rachel and AJ are both lucky as well.  They are both wonderful people!

If you missed Rachel and AJ's story, read it here.  These two were two peas in a pod!

Los Angeles Temple Wedding: Rachel + AJ

I am so blessed to be able to photograph weddings.  It's always such a sweet and special occasion, reminding me of the day I married my own husband--taking me back to the feelings, emotions and excitement of it all.  I had an especially wonderful day with Rachel, AJ and their families.
Rachel and I went to the same college.  (Though I went years before!)  We both roomed with some of our best friends are are STILL best friends with these sweet girls!  I love that her three BFF's, all now living in different states, were able to come to her wedding.  They were all so cute laughing and talking with each other.  The girl's were ooing and ahing over Rachel's beauty--as was I.  This girl is seriously drop dead gorgeous!  All day long my friend and second shooter also kept commenting at how beautiful she is.  It's no secret.
It's interesting as well that AJ and my husband went to the same college as each too!  BYU is a hard school to get in to, and AJ has been accepted to the School of Business, which is also a very difficult thing to do.  I'm impressed.  These two will move back to Utah and finish school together...oh the good ol' days of being dirt poor, starving college students.  There ARE some positives to that though too, don't you think?
I'm certain Rachel and AJ will be incredibly happy together.  It was demonstrated on their wedding day and during their bridal photo session.  Rachel told me that AJ is naturally very sweet and tender.  Those are two words that I had on my "checklist" for my future husband.  I witnessed that in AJ.  He is that way, but so is Rachel.  A very sweet, loving and caring couple.  I'm convinced that together they will do many, wonderful things in their lives!  I love these two!

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