13 August 2013

Rancho Cucamonga Engagement Field: Tracy + Walter

Tracy and Walter are both nurses--they monitor patients' hearts--and what better way to meet and fall in love than by stealing each other's hearts on the job?  Ha ha!  They are kids at heart, through and through!  Before their engagement session,  I asked them what they like to do together.  They collect comic books, toys and love legos.  So what better way to showcase their personalities than to bring some of those things that they love and get them "playing" together for their shoot.  Walter was clearly excited.  He was spontaneous and brought some of his favorite toys.  You'll notice in some photos that there is a lego rose.  When he asked Tracy to marry him he had made a dozen red, lego roses for her.  So creative!  For the shoot they also read some of their comic books and took one of the Star Wars Lego figures on a walk.  I was laughing, they were laughing and commenting on how their friends at work were going to get a kick out of their photos.  We had so much fun together!  Can't wait for the September wedding!  Thanks you two!  It was an evening well spent!

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