02 August 2013

Rancho Cucamonga Field--Kindergarten Ladies!

My oldest is starting kindergarten on Monday.  I admit, I am not a huge worrier and don't get stressed all that easily, but the thought of my oldest daughter starting school is freaking me out!!!  I just think of this sweet, little, innocent sweetie going to school and getting picked on, kids hurting her feelings, learning things on the playground that I'd rather her not learn, failing and feeling like it's the end of the world, etc.  Anyone feel me?  ;)
I wanted to get Mylie and her three friends together for some kindergarten photos.  I love that they are going to be in the same class so they will be a little more comfortable.  We met the teacher today for kindergarten orientation and she is sooo great!  I think they girls will learn a lot and at the same time LOVE kindergarten and adore their teacher!
Check out the little cuties.  I just love them!

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