31 August 2013

Rancho Cucamonga Heritage Park Family Photos: Twins

I met Kristy and her cute family earlier this year when we did 6 month shots of her sweet little twins, Brynn and Paige.  (You can see those photos HERE.)  Six months later I hadn't realized how big they had gotten until I viewed their previous photos!  They weren't sitting up quite yet at the last session, and now they are walking and practically running!  Now they are ONE and cuter than ever!  I think they have about the same amount of hair--but that doesn't matter, their faces are so cute they don't even need it!  Like ever!  ;)

In case you are wondering, yes, they are identical.  I can see how they look different, but it's pretty hard to tell. Especially since they are dressed the same as well.

I loved that Kristy and Kenny thought to bring the little rocking chair along.  It was Kenny's when he was a little guy.  They say that Paige and Brynn LOVE that thing and play on it all day!  Too bad they don't have twin rockers!

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