08 September 2013

Redlands, Prospect Park: Paulina the Beautiful

Prospect Park in Redlands is such a gorgeous area!  Ten year old Paulina put it to shame though.  This girl is a knock out!  She has been begging her parents to be in commercials and start modeling, and they finally decided if that's what she really wants they would give it a go.  This session was aimed toward her head shots for her portfolio, and I have no doubt Paulina will go places with this!  She's so confident and happy!  I was so impressed too because this girl is amazing with style.  Her mom told me she can do her hair really well--her own twists and french braids, curling, straightening etc.  I'm pretty sure I didn't even know what a straightener was until I was 22--and I was a girl who NEEDED one desperately!   Check her out and don't tell me that you didn't say "wow" to yourself over her gorgeousness!

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