31 October 2013

Artsy Couture Review

Artsy Couture is a professional printing lab that I heard of about a year ago.  I finally decided to get a 16x20 photo on canvas and I must say I am in LOVE!  I wanted to compare my Artsy Couture canvas to the canvas of another printing company--who I believe is NOT a professional printing lab, just to show you how awesome their printing and canvas product really is!

These first two photos are from Artsy Couture.  When I compare the print to my photo on my computer, the coloring is spot on.  I also love how tight the wrap is, and that the back is covered with a strong black board.  It has a metal hanging device as well.  The product is beautiful!

Compare Artsy Couture's canvas wrap to this other company's canvas wrap.  What is visible, probably, to your eyes is simply that the back is not as nice.  But I can tell you that the wrap is not nearly as tight! It's actually a little waffly and loose, kind of annoying.  Also the coloring is more saturated and orangey than my original photo from my computer.  Bleh.

Now getting more detailed.  The first photo is from Artsy couture.  The side is perfectly flat and tight.  Beautiful!  The second is the other printer.  You can see where the canvas was folded down, leaving a protrusion and shadow.  Not pretty.

Looking even closer, the edges speak for themselves!  Sheesh!

This edge is perfect.

These edges stick out, the wrap is not great quality and it's totally visible.

Another great bonus to ordering from Artsy Couture is they give you bumpers for the back of your canvas, should you want to use them!

I'm sure I could have figured it out, but the directions are perfect so I have do doubt that I'm putting them on correctly.

I will continue to order my prints and canvases from Artsy Couture.  The ordering was super easy through their ROES system and I got the canvas in a few short days.  Not to mention, their customer service I found was great, their canvases seem absolutely perfect, AND they have the cutest company name.  ;)

The one piece of advice I would offer about ordering canvases is order larger than you think you want! I ordered my family canvas in a 16x20.  Because canvases do not have frames, the canvas is too small for the wall I wanted it on.  I would order a family photo larger, then the individual ones of the children in the16x20 size.

28 October 2013

Redlands Family Photographer: K Family

This was a special session for the K family, as their oldest son will be leaving on a mission for his church at the end of the month!  And I'm not talking 2 weeks, this is a 2-YEAR mission!  So they knew they wanted a great family photo before he leaves.

This was also a great session in my eyes because I got Spencer (the child with Cerebral Palsy) smiling in some family photos!  I absolutely love them!  And Julie's (Mom's) favorite family photo is this first one.  We also talked about how great the photos are with Julie and the baby of the family and only girl--Aubrey.  Such a sweet relationship!

26 October 2013

Redlands Prospect Park Family Session: Starring the Starr's!

These adorable teens have the coolest last name ever.  Starr.  I want to steal it.  I want to use it for my girl's middle names.  I want to write it as my signature and draw a little star next to it each time I write it!
Last year we did photos of these three.  There was not a drop of snow on the ground, so for their photos, they dressed as if they were getting ready to go play in the snow, brought a sled, and did a shoot of the kids being disappointed there was no snow.  The card read, "Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!"  It was way too cute!
These teens are seriously good kids!  They are friendly, sweet and totally adorable!  I love their sense of stele and their beautiful smiles.  Thanks for letting me capture your amazingness kiddos!  ;)

22 October 2013

Redlands Prospect Park Family Photos: Samantha & Daniel

Samantha and Daniel are about to have their first baby, and I can tell they couldn't be more excited.  They will be naming their little guy after his daddy.  I seriously can't wait to see what he will look like! I'm certain he will be handsome like his parents, and just as kind!  This was actually my first time meeting Samantha and Daniel, but we have been "friends" on FB for a while now.  It was great to finally meet them face to face and have the pleasure of connecting with such wonderful people.  I <3 my clients!  Thank you for being beautiful, inside and out you two!

17 October 2013

What to Wear for Fall Family Photos: Tips for Looking your Best

It's family photo time again and I imagine you are in panic mode trying to figure out clothes to wear, a color scheme, and praying that your kids will cooperate!  Trust me, I TOTALLY understand!  I have three little ones myself.  Coordinating clothes for five people can be daunting!  And the worry of your children cooperating is stressful.  Who doesn't want that perfect family photo?
Here are five tips to help you out this year:
1.  Speaking to the moms out there, if you are having trouble deciding on your attire, I would suggest putting your outfit together first!--trust me, if MOM looks good, most of the photos look good.  =) After you look amazing, finding clothing for the rest of the family to coordinate with you is the goal--and it's much easier once you have something to work off of!
2.  If you care about color trends, it's easy to find the latest popular colors simply by searching something like: "color trends fall 2013."  Here are a couple links to that exact search I just did here and here.  See, that wasn't so painful!  And if you want to know how to put some of the colors together, look at the color trends for decorating!  They are fabulous at bringing colors together.  Check out this link!
3.  Speaking of decorating, I like to think of coordinating my family's clothing like decorating a room.  I need some solids, layers, textures and few patterns.  Some photographers would argue that patterns are too distractive.  I think differently.  Take a look at the photos and decide if you like some pattern involvement!  I think all of these elements add interest to your photos!  This time of year is PERFECT for layering!  Cardigans, jackets, blazers, vests, boots, scarves, hats, accessories--just to name a few!  
4.  As far as children go, sometimes bringing along Grandma or somebody that your children love and trust can be very helpful.  I would check with your photographer first though.  Some prefer that you didn't bring a helper.  I personally love when Grandma is there--as long as she isn't trying to take over the session and give me orders.  Ha ha that has actually never happened to me, but I can only imagine how awful that would be! ;)
5.  And lastly, don't be afraid to wear a little more makeup than you usually do.  Makeup can enhance your features, give you some needed color, and help your skin look a little better.  Don't forget the lips!  Show off the feature that is highlighted in family photos--your smile! 
I hope these tips will lead you to your best family photo session ever!

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