14 October 2013

Rancho Cucamonga Photographer: Cute Kids

When my husband and I moved from Utah to Arizona in 2007 so he could attend the University of Arizona, we met so many wonderful people that are friends for life.  One family we met were these cuties.  At the time, Wendy and Sterling had no children, but Wendy was close to having her first baby.    I still can't believe that was over six years ago.  Time certainly speeds up with age!  We always had fun together--dinner, games and lots of talking and laughing.
Since we moved to California in 2010, this family has visited us several times.  We absolutely love their company and Wendy is such a great friend to me!  With this last visit a few days ago, we headed to Glen Helen Regional Park to play, then took some photos of the adorable kids!
One thing about their hair color that Wendy and Sterling pointed out to me was this:  "Try and describe our family to someone without using hair color."  Ha ha impossible!  It's such a defining trait, and their seems to be so few redheads in this world!  And their hair is almost always one of the first topics of conversation when they meet someone new.  I wonder if they get tired of it?!

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