05 November 2013

Redlands Family Photographer

Prospect Park in Redlands has become quite the popular spot for photos.  My clients LOVE this place! It offers such beauty and variety, how could you not?

This wonderful family was no exception.  This was our first time meeting, and I exaggerate not when I say they were so much fun!  Sherry and Jim have two very funny and adventurous boys.  They love to joke around, tease each other and goof around.  I'm insanely jealous of their family hobby.  They own dirtbikes, a sandrail and a baja bug and ride all of them quite often!  They even live on enough land where they can take these crazy vehicles for a spin!  See, fun!  They live such adventurous lives!

This family is also very kind.  They were so easy to talk to, I absolutely loved getting to know them a bit.  This statement is true for them:  "A family that (plays) together stays together!"

Thanks for giving me a chance to get to know you guys and capture this time in your lives!

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