12 December 2013

Rancho Cucamonga Photographer: Shaina, James and Harper

Saturday Shaina and James' session got rained out, so Shaina went straight to work preparing her home for some holiday photos!  She must have been stressed all day because she got all her Christmas decorations out and made her home look so warm and festive! On top of that they all looked amazingly beautiful! I adored meeting Shaina, James and Harper.  My baby and Harper are just a couple months apart--I loved seeing the similarities between the two!  This is about the age where they realize they have a voice (as in my-way-or-the-highway, ha ha!).  As long as we let Harper do what she wanted she was a pretty happy little camper.  

I got a little tour of the upstair of the home too.  I was so impressed that James had created/built a sound room in one of their extra bedrooms--soundproof and all!  He plays the drums and bass and is in a band called Migraine Season.  You can see a photo and listen to some of their music here.  He is the bass player for the band.  I got to go see his band play a few weekends ago, and what a blast it was!  They rock!  Literally!  :)

Enjoy these cuties.  I sure did!  

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