19 December 2013

Redlands Photographer, Prospect Park: Tai + Ricky

Tai and I have a TON of common friends!  So naturally she found me through Facebook.  Ha ha!  I could tell immediately that I was going to just LOVE Tai.  And this is just through emails!  When we met my instinct was spot on.  Tai is one of those kind of people who you just look at and know that she is sweet.  Her face and her sweetness match perfectly.  She is so naturally happy and nice and positive! That's the type of person I love to be around.  Ricky is great too!  He is just finishing up his bachelor's degree and working toward grad school.  He's so friendly and easy to talk to as well.  They two of them combined are as sweet as pie on steroids!  The cutest thing was at the beginning of their engagement session Tai was fighting back her tears because she was sooo happy they were together and finally (after 4 years together) getting married!  She promised that she would be crying her entire wedding day as well.  ;)  I adore this couple and think Tai is absolutely stunning.  See for yourself!

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