29 January 2014

The Angie Whitaker Photography LAUNCH PARTY Giveaway!

After months of working with the wonderful Meg Long of Meg Long Creative, I am so excited about the launch of my NEW website!  In celebration, I am hosting a Launch Party Giveaway!

Launch Party Booking Special:
I have an amazing special for any new clients who want to book their weddings with me between today, Wednesday(1/27/14) and Saturday (2/1/14).  If you book Collection 1 or 2, I will GIVE you an upgrade to your collection!  It includes two additional hours on your wedding day AND 1-2  second  shooters! (a $400 to $700 value).  So if you or anyone you know is getting married, tell them to contact me THIS WEEK!

Not in the market for a wedding?  Don’t worry, although the website focuses on weddings, I am still going to be photographing seniors and families but my main focus will be weddings + engagements!  But this is for you:

The Giveaway:
Grand Prize Winner:  A free full session with Angie Whitaker Photography.  Nothing to pay.  No hidden fees. No print order requirements.  Simply a session of up to 6 people at a location of your choice within a 30 mile radius of Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  (If you live outside of Southern California the session would need to take place here in California.  There is $1/mile charge after the first 30 miles )
2nd Place Winner:  HALF OFF your full session fee!  Includes a session up to 6 people at a location of your choice within a 30 mile radius of Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  (If you live outside of Southern California the session would need to take place here in California.)
3rd Place Winner:  A free upgrade from a 16x20 professional print to a 16x20 CANVAS GALLERY WRAP with your next full family photo session!  Plus receive 4x6 professional prints of all your edited photos from your session.  (If you live outside of Southern California the session would need to take place here in California.)
Contest ends Saturday, February 1 at 11:59 pm PST

How to enter:
Send me a message through the CONTACT form of my new website.  Tell me one thing you like about the new website in the message section!

Extra Ballots:
  • “Like” Angie Whitaker Photography on Facebook and leave me some love!  Make sure you comment on the Angie Whitaker Photography timeline and let me know you’ve completed this step!
  • Update your Facebook Status about hoping to win the giveaway from the Angie Whitaker Photography Launch Party! Please tag my page and make it public, or I won’t see it! If you want extra entries you may do this as many times as you want.
  • Update your Instagram about hoping to win the giveaway from Angie Whitaker Photography You can do this as many times as you want for extra entries! Tag ME: AngieWhitakerPhoto and hashtag AWPGiveaway.
*This part of the giveaway does not apply to weddings.  Refer to the "Launch Party Booking Special" for the wedding giveaway.

One more thing:  "May the odds be ever in your favor!"  :)


10 January 2014

Redlands Family Photographer: Elcock Family

Rachel and I have been good friends for a while, and when she mentioned that her husband's family would be in California (from Wyoming) for a vacation and they wanted some family pictures, I couldn't wait for January to come around!  Zach's family is just as sweet and warm as he is.  I felt honored to get to know them a little bit--I can just feel what good people they are!  They spent an exciting three days at Disneyland together (sunrise 'til way beyond sunset), and completely wore themselves out!  I got them the day after their last adventure at Disneyland, and I could tell those kids were a little tired.  For the most part they sat there (or stood there) and cooperated for pictures!  They made my job too easy!  Thanks for the wonderful morning Elcock's!

09 January 2014

Redlands Wedding Photographer: Lexa + Michael

Lexa, from Oregon, and Michael, from California, met going to college at one of the coldest campuses on earth--BYU Idaho.  I'm thinking their babies are going to be little blondies.  ;)  And you know, I would definitely consider plastic surgery to attempt to look like Lexa--this girl is like insanely gorgeous!  She is one of the most laid back brides I have ever met, and Michael was right there with her.  They might be like my husband and me together:

"Where ya wanna go to dinner?"
"I don't care, where do you wanna go?"
"I dunno, you decide."
"No you decide cuz I reeeeeally don't care."
"I don't care either!  Just decide!"

Ha ha, anyone else in this boat?

Anyways, I really enjoyed my time with them, their amazing wedding day at the gorgeous Redlands LDS Temple and meeting their sweet families!  (Well actually I already know Michael's father as we worked on some projects together.)  The first set of photos are actually in Redlands at the Smiley Public Library.  They decided to do pre wedding groomals to take some stress off of their wedding day.  See, they were aiming for a laid back day, ha ha!

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