10 January 2014

Redlands Family Photographer: Elcock Family

Rachel and I have been good friends for a while, and when she mentioned that her husband's family would be in California (from Wyoming) for a vacation and they wanted some family pictures, I couldn't wait for January to come around!  Zach's family is just as sweet and warm as he is.  I felt honored to get to know them a little bit--I can just feel what good people they are!  They spent an exciting three days at Disneyland together (sunrise 'til way beyond sunset), and completely wore themselves out!  I got them the day after their last adventure at Disneyland, and I could tell those kids were a little tired.  For the most part they sat there (or stood there) and cooperated for pictures!  They made my job too easy!  Thanks for the wonderful morning Elcock's!

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