09 January 2014

Redlands Wedding Photographer: Lexa + Michael

Lexa, from Oregon, and Michael, from California, met going to college at one of the coldest campuses on earth--BYU Idaho.  I'm thinking their babies are going to be little blondies.  ;)  And you know, I would definitely consider plastic surgery to attempt to look like Lexa--this girl is like insanely gorgeous!  She is one of the most laid back brides I have ever met, and Michael was right there with her.  They might be like my husband and me together:

"Where ya wanna go to dinner?"
"I don't care, where do you wanna go?"
"I dunno, you decide."
"No you decide cuz I reeeeeally don't care."
"I don't care either!  Just decide!"

Ha ha, anyone else in this boat?

Anyways, I really enjoyed my time with them, their amazing wedding day at the gorgeous Redlands LDS Temple and meeting their sweet families!  (Well actually I already know Michael's father as we worked on some projects together.)  The first set of photos are actually in Redlands at the Smiley Public Library.  They decided to do pre wedding groomals to take some stress off of their wedding day.  See, they were aiming for a laid back day, ha ha!

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