20 February 2014

Pomona Photographer: Jocelyn & Lance's Family

Jocelyn is a pretty dang awesome momma.  I watched her myself with her *ADORABLE*, energetic and amazing children!  She was patient, kind, loving and light-hearted in her interactions with her children.  It was beautiful to witness.  Another reason I know she is a great mom is because she is receiving the "California Young Mother of the Year" award from the American Mother's Incorporation.  What an honor!  Her other half, Lance, is nothing short of amazing too.  I could just feel it in my interactions with him.  He is also kind, sincere and warm.  Easy to talk to.  Together these two parents make an incredible team.  They have fostered confidence and respect in their children--I saw it in that short hour that we were together on Monday!

And may I mention that the girls were the least camera-shy kiddos I have EVER photographed.  In fact, they were like little divas and asked if they could do their own poses.  Which OF COURSE I was ecstatic about. Toward the beginning of the shoot the youngest daughter said, "I've never had my pictures taken and I would like to be the star of the show!"  And was she ever!  All the girls were!  Ha ha!  Enjoy these cuties!

17 February 2014

Rancho Cucamonga Photographer: Gregg and Chrissy's Family

I really love when clients choose their own location and take me to a place I have never shot before.  Chrissy and Gregg decided on Redhill Park because that's where they had their engagement photos done!  I thought it was a great idea--this is the first time they have had family photos since they got married!

I met Chrissy and Gregg about 4 years ago when we moved to California.  We met at a church party and I adored Chrissy right away!  She is so outgoing, a great conversationist, thoughtful, hilarious, happy and a magnet for fun!  Gregg and my husband had a lot in common as well so it has been easy to hang out as couples friends too.  I adore their children--they are SO sweet!

Chrissy is such an amazing mama, I've seen her in action!  I learn something new from her each time we hang out and I'm grateful she considers ME her friend!

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