02 March 2014

Newport Beach Wedding: Azar + Bryan

Azar and Bryan decided to tie the knot at the Newport Beach LDS Temple on and absolutely perfect Saturday morning!  After they were sealed for eternity (marriage ceremony), close friends and family greeted them as they stepped outside for the first time as a MARRIED couple!  The love they share for each other radiated throughout the day.  Bryan took sweet care of Azar with every movement she made, and she looked at him throughout the day like she was the luckiest girl who walked the planet.  I have no doubt that their marriage is going to be wonderful and beautiful!

Azar and Bryan were on a very tight budget for their reception.  I can't begin to describe how incredibly creative they were with their decorations.  You'll see for yourself in the photos.  They love nature (especially Azar) and created a very natural scene for their reception.  They literally hauled a tree to their home that had been cut down, and the night before their marriage cut slices from the trunk to create "place mats" if you will.  They snipped and cut and tore branches, leaves, kale and more to hang and decorate throughout the reception hall.  Their cake sat on small tree stumps, with pinecones around the stumps.  They created a natural "chandelier" above the cake and had beautiful, small, white bulb lights draping across the room.  On the branches of a leafless tree they brought in, Azar and Bryan hung personalized thank you cards to people who helped create their dream wedding.  As if being in love and creative aren't enough, these two are thoughtful, grateful and incredibly kind!  I absolutely had a wonderful day with Azar and Bryan and their sweet families.  So excited for the life they get to share together!

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