21 April 2014

Old Town Temecula: Michelle & Glen Family

I love photographing friends of friends!  It feels like we already have some kind of bond because we love the same people!  Meeting Michelle and Glen was like meeting up with some new friends.  They are so warm and happy--makes you want to be around them and get to know them better!  They have the cutest kids!  Brendan was so pleasant and agreeable and little Hailey was happy too.  She got a little hungry due to the time of day we took the photos, so as long as she was able to eat she was totally great.

Michelle mentioned that she read the post about what to where, you can find that here, and look how amazing she did with her own outfits!  She got some color, patterns, textures and accessories!  I love it!  Check out these cuties!  Oh and by the way, Old Town Temecula is AWESOME!  Can't wait to go back!

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