27 April 2014

Rancho Cucamonga Photographer: Family Time

These wonderful families got together for what may be the last family photo for a while.  Shannon and Ted (with the two children) just moved to Utah while Brittany and Matt (young couple, both with dark hair) will be moving to New Orleans in three months!  Gina and Bill (dark-haired woman and strawberry blonde man) are trying to decide where to retire so it appears they won't be in California for too much longer. I like their idea of possibly going to St. George, Utah.  Good weather and amazing scenery!  I think Maureen and Joe are happy to be here in California.  I appreciate our weather here and there is so much to do!
We found some beautiful new locations, and this spring those sunflowers and little yellow flower weeds popped up just in time to make the scenery INCREDIBLE for family pictures!  I think I want to do my family photos here next!
Enjoy these beautiful people and smile at the cute little guys.  You're gonna love 'em.

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