13 May 2014

Hotel Laguna Beach Wedding: Ashley + Kyle

Ashley and Kyle chose to get married at historic Hotel Laguna on the beach!  Being my first beach wedding, I was ecstatic to say the least.  Kyle told me that the most anticipated moment of their wedding day was Ashley's walk down the stairs and down the aisle.  She certainly didn't disappoint!  As you can see from the photos, Ashley is absolutely stunning, and to be so beautiful and have such a sweet and fun personality just doesn't seem fair!  ;)  Kyle also said that the most important priority on their wedding day was to have fun!  This wedding was soooo much fun!  He and the groomsmen were laughing the whole day, and I have personally never laughed so much during wedding speeches.  These two are surrounded by genuine family and friends who love them and also love to have a blast!

Ashley is from Canada and Kyle is fro California, but they met in Vegas.  According to some speeches I heard, Kyle's friend was trying to hook up with Ashley but she was diggin' on Kyle.  Even though they lived so far from each other, the long-distance thing worked for them.  Why?  Ashley is an airline attendant (and LOVES her job), so it was easy to go be with Kyle when she wasn't working.

One night Ashley's mother came home and there was a voicemail from Ashley.  She started listening and Ashley was bawling, which of course sent her mother into frantic mode before she really "heard" the message.  What happened to Ashley?  Did Kyle break up with her!?  etc.  She replayed the message, and Ashley was actually crying out of JOY that Kyle had proposed.  She said something like, "Mom, Kyle proposed and we are getting married!  I am SOOO happy!"

I enjoyed this wedding so much and am very excited for Ashley and Kyle to begin their married lives together.  I wish them continued success in their jobs, growth in their love for one another, and that their laughter and happiness will carry them through good and hard times.  Thanks Ashley and Kyle, for choosing me!

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