14 June 2014

Whispering Oaks Terrace Wedding: Alycia + Alan

Meeting Alycia and Alan for the first time at their engagement session was a fabulous experience.  I could tell from my interactions and their personalities that they were a special couple.  The session was fun and you could feel how much they not only loved each other, but respected each other as well.  Little by little I figured out that Alycia was part of a group called Sacred Sisterhood.  It sounded like a great thing to be a part of but didn't really look in to what it was.

A few months later, at their wedding, the officiant (who is also the wonderful pastor at the church they attend) took time during the ceremony to talk about Alycia and Alan,  and how dedicated they are to God and to each other.  He talked a lot about experiences and conversations he had had with them that were great examples of exactly how true it really was.  He made mention of Alycia's involvement with Sacred Sisterhood, and I found out then and there that Alycia is actually the founder of the organization.  The purpose of Sacred Sisterhood, as stated on her Facebook page, "is all about sharing the love of a handmade gift with women to make them feel special and cared for while serving women's charities."  I could tell from the wedding that SOOO many women love and respected Alycia.  They all love God and care and serve for one another.  It was a beautiful thing to watch.  And it was even more beautiful watching Alan because you could see how he adored her not only as his wife, but really admired what she has done with her life.  She felt the same about him.  When I asked Alycia what her most important priority on her wedding day was, she said  , "That our day is about God first." It's so refreshing to see people doing good in this world, having purpose and serving God and others.

Now, enjoy this gorgeous, rustic, barn wedding at Whispering Oaks Terrace in Pala, California!  Every single detail was hand-made by Alycia herself, and her friend helped her plan and carry out the whole wedding.  Alycia dreamed of being married under a huge oak tree, and the owner and Whispering Oaks Terrace was happy to accommodate and help her achieve her dream wedding.  The venue was amazing, and the wedding was absolutely perfect.

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