16 July 2014

Rancho Cucamonga Photographer: Karren

Karren is easily one of the sweetest, most unselfish people I have ever met.  She is the second youngest of seven children, with the last daughter having Down Syndrome.  I bring that up because as I have watched Karren, I have been able to witness how caring she is through her interactions with her sister and others.  She takes care of her sister a lot, she loves her so much and does so much for her.  As a teen it's very common and easy to be more self-centered, and I could see any teen in her situation being a lot more selfish.  It's beautiful to watch someone as such a young age, learn and practice the true meaning of charity, love and selflessness.  She is such a wonderful example to me.

I posted a photo of Karren on FaceBook before I wrote the post.  I noticed how many people said something to the effect of , "Beautiful inside and out."  There couldn't be a truer statement for anyone.  Karren will turn everyone's head because she is really such a gorgeous girl.  But then you know her, and her inner beauty is even more astounding.  And that inner beauty reflects on her outer beauty and makes her even that much more gorgeous.  So as you look at these photos, you're not just looking at a pretty face, you are looking at an amazing girl who knows and understands the true meaning of life.  And that, I believe, is much more valuable than all the gold and silver in this world.

Ladies and gentlemen, Karren...

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