16 July 2014

Rancho Cucamonga Photographer: Young Family

A few months ago, Stephanie (baby sister in the blue shirt) contacted me out of DC where she lives to inquire about photographing her sisters, mom and herself.  They were all going to be in California celebrating their mother's 70th birthday with spa treatments and wine tasting.  What a fun week huh?   You can see that session here. These ladies are just gorgeous!

This time around, the whole family came to Rancho Cucamonga for their Jennifer's graduation.  (Niece of Dorothy and McKinley in the white tank.)  Since Daddy (grandpa, McKinley) was coming and it was close to Father's Day, Stephanie called to ask if we could do a last minute family shoot.  I love that Dad was there and that I got to meet him.  His smile, like the rest of his family's, is contagious.  They are all so warm and even remembered my family and asked questions about them.  I'm so glad we got to capture this family, and I adore them and their photos!

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