21 October 2014

Rancho Cucamonga Family Photographer: Lisa + Todd's Family

My family loves this sweet family!  We became close friends a while after we moved to Rancho Cucamonga from Tucson, Arizona.  Lisa is the ultimate example of selfless service to me and one of those friends that will stay in my life forever.  Friends that make you want to be a better person are the friends that are so inspiring!  

Todd and my husband are really good buddies too.  We like to joke that they are BFF's.  Sadly, they moved out of California about a year ago.  It was hard to see our good friend leave, but we are happy that they are doing well living in Utah.  They came to visit us last week and it was as if they'd never left.  Todd and Richie even started out our first evening with a slap-off.  If you ever need to laugh so hard that tears stream down your face, these are the two you want to be around.  Had too much fun with these guys and am SOOO glad we got to take their family pictures!

See their family photos from last year here!

Los Angeles Wedding: Sabrina + Mark

People are embarrassed to admit it, but these now-a days it's a common thing!  Sabrina and Mark met through an online dating site.  I imagine that Mark took one look at Sabrina's photo and had to wipe up the drool the puddled upon his desk top.  Or his iPhone or iPad.   Okay MAYBE it was his Android.  ;)  She is a knock-out.  Perfect hair and skin and a beautiful smile!  If you missed their engagement photos you can view them here.

Sabrina herself is a photographer.  It's always the BIGGEST compliment when a fellow photographer chooses ME over all the other millions and zillions of photographers to choose from!  I was so grateful (and admittedly a little nervous) to work with Sabrina and Mark.  However, they were both so easy to photograph because of their willingness to do whatever and be happy!

Check out Sabrina's beautiful work here on her blog.  She rocks child sessions.  I mean seriously. See the cutest kids ever on her Facebook page here!  I love her studio photos. Studio work is something I don't do, so I really love seeing other photographers take on studio work. She really knows how to do it right!

The Los Angeles Temple is a gorgeous temple to get married in.  The grounds are groomed to perfection and the temple itself is enormous!  The day was perfect and both families were fabulous to work with.  I absolutely loved the centerpieces and decor at the reception.  I was soooo impressed that Sabrina and her mother created most of the DIY details at the wedding.  INCLUDING the amazing flower centerpieces.  Man those ladies are talented!  I also loved the way the wedding planners draped the beautiful walls and provided the most wonderful, ambient lighting. Incredible evening!  Enjoy the wedding right here, right now!  :)

16 October 2014

Pacific Hills Banquet Hall: Catherine + Jerry

Catherine and Jerry we wed at the beautiful St. Kilian Catholic Church in Mission Viejo on the most glorious day in October!  Their ceremony was reverent and lovely and the scene was breathtaking!

After exiting the church we went straight to Laguna Niguel Regional Park to photograph Catherine and Jerry at some amazing locations that they had discovered previously.  The stream and bridge were awesome and the light leaking through the trees lit them with the most buttery and beautiful colors possible!

We ended the evening at Pacific Hills Banquet Hall where Catherine and Jerry had planned the most delicious dinner and exciting reception!  The theme was rock and they had a Neil Diamond Tribute band entertain their guests.  Toward the end of the evening, Jerry got on stage with the band, guitar in hand and sang a Neil Diamond love song to HIS love, Catherine.  Catherine watched and swayed as he sang to her, swelling with pride.  You see these two have a unique love story!  They met in college and really enjoyed dating and getting to know each other.  Different paths lead to different lives.  They never "broke up," just said their goodbyes and lost touch over the years.

Neither Catherine or Jerry married, and years later they connected again on FaceBook.  They decided to meet for dinner and it was as if they'd never lost touch!  They connected immediately and became best friends again.  They are absolutely crazy about each other.  Even though they have their disagreements, they both agree that they balance each other out perfectly AND are perfectly in love.  You will see that as you view these photos.  Their love "ROCKS!"

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