21 October 2014

Rancho Cucamonga Family Photographer: Lisa + Todd's Family

My family loves this sweet family!  We became close friends a while after we moved to Rancho Cucamonga from Tucson, Arizona.  Lisa is the ultimate example of selfless service to me and one of those friends that will stay in my life forever.  Friends that make you want to be a better person are the friends that are so inspiring!  

Todd and my husband are really good buddies too.  We like to joke that they are BFF's.  Sadly, they moved out of California about a year ago.  It was hard to see our good friend leave, but we are happy that they are doing well living in Utah.  They came to visit us last week and it was as if they'd never left.  Todd and Richie even started out our first evening with a slap-off.  If you ever need to laugh so hard that tears stream down your face, these are the two you want to be around.  Had too much fun with these guys and am SOOO glad we got to take their family pictures!

See their family photos from last year here!

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