01 March 2015

Photographer Rancho Cucamonga: Robles Family

I love this family to death. Lili and Hugo have become good friends of my husband and me (she's in a floral shirt and he's in a dark denim shirt). They are kind and generous and so much fun to be around. They bring the party with them wherever they are! 

Lili's parents are so kind as well--I love our conversations with them! Tony always has something new to teach me, and Liz is easy to relate with.Their youngest, the high school senior, Leanna holds a special place in my heart! We get to interact on a weekly--often twice weekly basis. Leanna is sweet and quiet. The strong kind of quiet! And she is insanely talented. A beautiful singing voice and an incredible artist. I love the young lady that she has become! 

Marybel and Miriam's families I don't know as well, but I do know they are fabulous people because they come from such a great mold. They were so sweet and gracious to me and I really enjoyed the evening spent with them all in Lytle Creek. Enjoy these wonderful people!

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