21 May 2015

Highland Springs Resort: Veila + Patrick

These two.  So in love.  So sweet to one another.  True respect and admiration.  It was a joy to witness their interactions and love for each other.  It was beautiful and genuine and seriously brought me to tears a couple times.

Veila and Patrick chose to celebrate their special day at the Highland Springs Resort in Cherry Valley.  Veila knew she wanted a natural, rustic setting, and when Patrick found the place and they visited, she knew it was the one and she didn't look anywhere else.  It truly was gorgeous!  The rooms were upscale and gorgeous.  They had lavender fields and olive tree orchards.  We got to use the entire area for photos and it was absolutely breathtaking!

Something amazing about their reception were the details.  I couldn't believe it when Veila told me they hand-made EVERYTHING!  I kid you not. Look at the crates that held the flowers.  They built them!   They used a wood burner to number the tags for the tables.  The tops of the dessert bags were cut to look like a lace.  The night before the wedding Veila arranged all the flowers for the tables and they looked incredible!  I just loved that they paid so much attention to every little detail.

When you meet the couple you feel an instant liking for them.   They are both very relaxed and kind. They make you feel at home in their presence and it draws you to want to get to know them better.  I really enjoyed sharing the day with them!

14 May 2015

Los Angeles Temple Wedding: Rachael + Britton

Rachael and Britton met the same way my husband and I met.  At church!  That's not uncommon for members of the LDS church.  They go to what we call "singles wards" where unmarried members ages 18-30 attend the same congregation together.  I heard a couple of Rachael's friends say during the day, "singles wards work!" meaning, these congregations help young people to find someone to marry!  Worked for me and for many, MANY of my LDS friends.

Their wedding day at the Los Angeles Temple was completely filled with happiness!  Everyone was all smiles--especially the bride and groom.  Just take a look at their photos and you can tell how in love they are.  They were surrounded by such wonderful family and friends!  Their wedding party was a hoot!  So much fun to shoot this crowd--they had a few ideas up their sleeves and totally just made me laugh the whole time.

You'd never know that Rachael and Britton were getting sprinkled on during their intimates.  I kept asking if they wanted the umbrella.  They only used it a few times!  They were so easy-going, the rain didn't seem to phase them in the least!

Rachael is sooo gorgeous!  I can't believe her friends did her hair and make-up.  It looked amazing!  I love her eyes--they smile even when she's not!  Her smile is so beautiful, and so is her grin, and so is her serious face.  Put a serious face on me and you'd take one look and run.  Not everyone can pull off that, but Rachael does it so perfectly.

Take a look at these love birds and swoon.  You won't be disappointed!

Bride's Dress and Bridesmaid Dresses:  The Hitching Post

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