05 June 2015

Rancho Cucamonga Family Photographer: Borrowman Family

Prospect Park in Redlands never disappoints!  The Borrowman's chose this location and I couldn't have been more excited.  I haven't shot here in a while and was ready to go back.  I was grateful for sunny skies because I have been shooting in overcast weather a lot lately!

Lena and I have become close friends this past year.  She has an incredible story to tell and has come out on top despite her life trials.  I adore this woman her her fabulous family so much!  Kat has become one of our favorite sitters and my kids just love her.  She's happy and fun and such a joy to be around.  John and Lena's son Roman came home from Hawaii (he is stationed there for the Navy) and they jumped on the opportunity to get their family photos taken while he was home for a few days.  This was my first time meeting him and I loved his innocent smile.  Kaylah is full of life and personality.  She rocked her dress and her legs about killed me--meaning I'd like to take them and put them on my own body!  We all had so much fun together--serious laughter and joking around the whole shoot.


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